Project Director: Professor François Vigier

Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Centre for Urban Development Studies

Professor François Vigier, Director
Dr. Daniel Tsai, Site Designer
Dr. Sameh Wahba, Property transactions

Historical Research
Professor Maria-Luisa Fernandez y Espinosa
Professor Doris Behrens-Abouseif
Dr. Nada Elia
Mona Khechen
Thomas Watkin
Sabri Jarrar

Research Assistants
Suzanne Kim
Katherine Phelan
Ryan Tam
Christopher Rogers
Liz Langley


Royal Scientific Society – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Building Research Center

Dr. Khaled Kahhaleh, Director
Arch. Ranwa al-Khatib, Supervision & Coordination
Arch. Hala Shaker, Senior Researcher
Dr. Ziad al-Madani, Ottoman Court Records

Historical Research
Dr. Mohammad al-Asad
Arch. Majd Mousa
Mr. Khaled Nusseibeh
Arch. Diala Anabtawi
Arch. Dalia al-Husseini
Arch. Katrina Najjar
Arch. Maram Takrouri

Mr. Thaher Thabet, Technical support
Mr. Jamal Habayeb, Technical support
InfoGraph, Information & Graphics Systems, Consultants


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